Mature maid enjoyed by her mistress’s neighbor

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She looks very sexy and none would take her for a maid. She is married and still maintains a hot and sexy body. Due to her features, many people would die to have sex with her in the apartment she works. One day, her mistress calls her and asks her to borrow some oil from her neighbor since she expects some guests. She wanted to cook some snacks but she has no oil at home. When this mature maid comes to her neighbor’s home, this guy invites her inside.

He soon locks the door and hugs her tight. She too feels aroused and removes his clothes. Soon, she takes his dick into her mouth for a nice blowjob. After sucking his dick for a while, he lies on his bed and makes her come on top of him. She pulls up her sari and takes his dick into her pussy and starts riding exposing her hot ass.