Beautiful and dusky Telugu girl bathing

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This hot Telugu girl comes to the bathroom to have a bath. She did not have any naughty intention or to show off something at the beginning. After sitting on the edge of the bathtub, she takes off her tops first of all. Then, she applies the soap all over her sexy breasts. She spreads them evenly and begins to massage her whole upper part of the body. She enters the bathtub and begins to make her whole body soapy.

But her mood changes when she inserts her hand inside the panty to apply the soap to her cunt. Now, she feels horny. So, when she applies the foam to the butt, she takes off the panty and inserts her whole palm inside the ass crack. Then, she cleans the whole body and rubs her hands over the tits and hairy pussy and enjoy watching this hot girl bathing until the end.